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CA PC Tune-Up 3.0

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Best of the Best

Frixo Road Traffic Reports For England
I found an excellent source of traffic for you Brits out there and travelers on their way to England. Frixo provides current Road Traffic Reports. It's a free service aimed at giving you live traffic news and information. Frixo specializes in traffic news and reports making it easy to use whether you're about to make a journey or out and about using a mobile service. http://www.frixo.com/

1and1 Web Hosting
Hi, I just got this fantastic offer from 1&1, my web hosting company, and I immediately thought of you. 1&1's Dual Hosting plans now offer ultimate security through maximum uptime guarantee, better performance and a selection of great Click & Build Applications (All the applications and instructions you need---FREE---).
Just click here to get started: 1and1.com

Stop Dog Barking
The Dog Silencer Pro™ is easily the most popular anti-barking system available today. This revolutionary device works by using special sound frequencies to humanely train dogs to stop barking. The Dog Silencer Pro™ has been specially designed to cover almost all bark control situations (including single dogs, multiple dogs and neighbor's dogs) and works up to 3x farther than the competition!.  They also carry the The Ultimate Dog Silencer Collar and The Ultimate Pest Repeller.


Best of the Month - June


28 Uses for Everyday Items
Hey...that's a good idea
Rubber bands. Toothpicks. Post-It notes. Salt. There's lots of stuff you've already got around your house that could be put to better (or at least more) uses. See what you could do. Good idea...

Free personal budgeting site
Thrive brings all your financial accounts (credit cards, bank accounts, investments & more) into one place so you can see what you have and what you owe. The site also analyzes your financial information and calculates your financial health, which can help you understand your long term financial stability. Start thriving...

Weirdest Animal Discoveries
The bone-breaking horror frog & more
Want to see the world's smallest snake? A solar-powered sea slug? Zombie caterpillars? Then take a quick look at the odd new species discovered just last year. Don't miss the links to enlarge or view extra images.That's really weird...

The best seat on the plane
Flying somewhere this summer? Find the best seat on your plane first. Seat Guru has a database of thousands of seat reviews submitted by flyers like you. They also conduct independent research. A first-class click...

Adopt a Pet at Petfinder
Dogs & cats & pigs, oh my!
Adopting a pet couldn't be easier at Petfinder.com. Search for dogs and cats, reptiles and rabbits, horses and pigs, and more. You'll also find plenty of tips and advice, local animal shelters, and other pet-focused info. Find your next pet...

Stolen ID Search
Your information is out there
Every day thousands of Social Security and credit card numbers are revealed online where fraudsters can find them. Here's a simple, free way to check if your personal information has been compromised. It's safe, well-regarded, and free. Avoid compromise

Game: Magic Ball 3
Break out of boredom
If you like break-out games, this cool 3D adventure is just the ticket. With 80 spectacular levels, you'll find more than enough challenge to keep you going. Take me out to the magic ball game

Big Car, Small Car
A matter of perspective
How's this for a hobby? Compare model cars with real ones using a technique called forced perspective to make them look the same size. Then take pictures. Amazingly, there are photos of these model cars from around the world. Sub-subcompact cars

Give yourself a face lift
Ever wondered how you'd look with someone else's eyes or nose? This site uses advanced algorithms to digitally transplant features from one face to another. Try it on you own face or choose from a gallery of celebrity photos. Quality face time

Free Garageband loops
An online community for fans and users of Apple's Garageband songwriting software. There are thousands of loops you can use to create your own music, and you can even upload your own loops and songs to share with the world. Find your groove

Houses of the Future
Homes, sweet homes
So what if they don’t include your own personal “Rosie”—the Jetsons’ good-natured, frilly-aproned robot housekeeper. These six futuristic houses are light years ahead of their time in their innovative use of environmentally sustainable materials, rainwater recycling, solar panels, and overall coolness. Meet George Jetson...

Hybrid Cars
Making the switch
With all the chatter about escalating gas prices (and all the missing cash in your bank account), you might be considering trading in your SUV for a cost-efficient hybrid. Check out this comprehensive site about hybrid news, mileage comparisons, buying guides—and for the tech-wary, reasons why you might not want to buy. Take a right turn

Aquarium Cam
Watch your web-footed friends
Couldn’t you use some more penguins in your life? Take a well-deserved break from your busy day and check in on these adorable arctic creatures on the Penguin Cam. Then visit some of the other aquarium cams—sea otters, an underwater kelp forest, and more—courtesy of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. See some sea life

No one belongs here more than you
One writer's Web site
What do you do after you write a book? You write on your kitchen appliances, naturally. Writer, filmmaker, and artist Miranda July proves the pen is mightier than the kitchen knife as she introduces her book and her self in an unforgettably creative way. Plus, you’ll learn that stovetops are better notepads. Writer's block or butcher block?

Asia for travelers, by travelers
If your idea of a relaxing 5-star holiday includes a loose plan and the night sky, we’ve got the travel site for you. Travelfish.org offers insightful, organized travel and backpacking information for Asian destinations, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and more—including preparation guides, guesthouse reviews, discussion forums, and general advice from other adventurers.
Hit the road

Business watchdog blog
Business watchdog blog
This financial journalist's blog keeps a keen eye on corporations' 10K and annual reports, making sure they're playing within the rules. Follow her stories on notable captains of industry and how she spotlights their business practices. See the monkey business!

Racing Frogz
Amphibians go neck & neck!
Finally, a Web site that lets you raise, feed, train, and care for your own animated racing frog. Enter it into races, win medals—even see your winning leaper on frog TV. Watch out for virtual warts! Hop on in!

Exploratorium Snacks
Science treats for the mind!
These mental snacks are all about doing your own scientific experiments and observations with mostly common household items. Learn about light refraction, magnetism, balance, motion—all from the comfort of your home! Come into the laboratory!

FIFA World Cup
The official site!
This year's World Cup soccer championship in Germany starts June 9th, and you're there! Well, almost. Check here for all the action of your favorite teams and players in photos and video highlights and more. It's a goooooaal!

A little bit of geek heaven!
If you like gizmos, gadgets and thingamabobs, yours is a never-ending quest for the latest information on the hottest stuff. Look no further. This blog keeps an eye on the cutting-edge, electronic and otherwise. What's this thing do?

Connect with your community
Free service connects you via email (or otherwise) with your actual neighbors and local government officials. Get to know someone nearby, or have your say in City Hall. Howdy, neighbor!

How to make just about anything
Here's the online home of Make magazine, which is loaded with instructions on cool things you can build. It also promotes the culture of just making things. If you're a Handy Andy or Angie, then roll up your sleeves and get your busy fingers ready.
What to make today?

ACME Heart Maker
A little sweetheart fun
You know those heart-shaped Valentine candies with goofy messages on them that taste like sugar-coated rocks? Now you can make your own! Just an image, though—pop it onto your Web site, or in an email, or anywhere digital. XOXOXO!

Game: Bubble Struggle
Follow the bouncing bubbles!
You're a little secret agent critter who has to pop bouncing bubbles with what looks like a Taser! Just don't get bonked on the head by a bubble—not good. Cue the Lawrence Welk music!

Your Daily Art
Get a dose of culture
Wish you could pop into a great art museum each day? Then check this out. Every day a classic work of art is posted with a brief history on the piece as well as the artist who made it. Educational and fun. Every picture tells a story!

Minute Meals
Gourmet meals in 20 minutes!
Think your life's too busy for a home-cooked meal? Think again! In less time than it might take to bring home take-out, you can have a complete meal prepared, cooked, and on the table! Choose from 170 20-minute gourmet menus sure to get your family's mouths watering.
Have a taste!

Sesame Street Online
For kids and parents alike!
Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and the rest of the gang are online! Your toddlers can play games like Letters to Big Bird or Peek-a-Boo Elmo, listen to Elmo and friends tell a story, visit the Art Room or the Sesame Music Zone, and much more! There's also an entire section for parents! Let us tell you how to get, how to get to Sesame Street!

Doctor Fungus
Stay safe, learn the facts
Think you might have an infection? Worried that your building is dangerous? Let Dr. Fungus reassure you—by laying out the symptoms and treatments for common kinds of fungal disease. You can also explore photos of fungi affecting plants, animals, people, buildings, and more! Go there now!

The Seven Wonders of the World
Can you name them?
One still stands. One has recently been re-discovered. Four are lost to antiquity. One may never have even existed. They are the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Learn all about these structures, each built over 2,000 years ago, which became known as the greatest creations of mankind. They're Wonder-full!

Life Expectancy Calculator
How long will you live?
Sure, you can never really know. But it's still fun to try to find out! This free, anonymous questionnaire from the Alliance for Aging Research asks about health, lifestyle, and family history to predict your life expectancy. Get your instant results—then learn what you can do to improve your health and quality of life! Peek into your future!

The Mirror Project
Post a digital self-portrait
Medicine cabinets. Rear-view mirrors. Reflective buildings. Pools of water. Thousands of people from around the world contribute to this growing Web site by capturing and sharing photos of themselves in all kinds of reflective surfaces. Check out the pictures or add yourself to the collection! Step through the looking glass!

Game: Every Second Counts
How long can you hold it?
This is a very simple game. Starting at 2/10 of a second and building each round, your task is to simply hold down the button for the exact period of time shown. That's it. Easy, right? Muhahahaha!!! Play now!

May is National Bike Month!
The League of American Bicyclists
May 16-20 is National Bike to Work Week. Check out the League for news, information, events in your area, and more. These guys live bicycles, so if there's anything you ever wanted to know, they've got you covered. There's even a bicycle blog!Pedal Your Blues Away!

Particle Adventure
Particle physics for the rest of us
If your grasp of subatomic physics is rusty, you'll appreciate this easy-to-digest site about particles—the stuff that everything is made of. Learn about neutrinos, quarks, and other quirky things that are too small to see. Explore the very small!

Ask Oxford
Word trivia, dictionary links, & more
Word-Fans: Get cool trivia about words from O.E.D., the Behemoth of dictionaries! Find a list of Commonly Misspelled Words. Enjoy free Crossword puzzles, and read answers to the word world's strangest Frequently Asked Questions!Perambulate there now!



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