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VitaminEmporium (drugstore.com, inc)

CA PC Tune-Up 3.0

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Send Flowers...Just Because from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM! (Same-Day Delivery Available)

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Best of the Best

Frixo Road Traffic Reports For England
I found an excellent source of traffic for you Brits out there and travelers on their way to England. Frixo provides current Road Traffic Reports. It's a free service aimed at giving you live traffic news and information. Frixo specializes in traffic news and reports making it easy to use whether you're about to make a journey or out and about using a mobile service. http://www.frixo.com/

1and1 Web Hosting
Hi, I just got this fantastic offer from 1&1, my web hosting company, and I immediately thought of you. 1&1's Dual Hosting plans now offer ultimate security through maximum uptime guarantee, better performance and a selection of great Click & Build Applications (All the applications and instructions you need---FREE---).
Just click here to get started: 1and1.com

Stop Dog Barking
The Dog Silencer Pro™ is easily the most popular anti-barking system available today. This revolutionary device works by using special sound frequencies to humanely train dogs to stop barking. The Dog Silencer Pro™ has been specially designed to cover almost all bark control situations (including single dogs, multiple dogs and neighbor's dogs) and works up to 3x farther than the competition!.  They also carry the The Ultimate Dog Silencer Collar and The Ultimate Pest Repeller.


Best of the Month - March

100 Most Beautiful Words
A scintillating, quintessential elixir
This felicitous list can be a bit esoteric, but in the end it's an exuberant and mellifluous efflorescence of language. See if you agree with the words that were judged most beautiful by "Dr. Goodword" at alphaDictionary.com. Happy peregrinations...

Is Your Water Safe?
Drinking water quality reports
There are many reasons why you should be drinking tap water instead of bottled water, including both environmental costs and out of pocket costs to you. But is it safe? Click your state on this site and take a hopefully refreshing look at your local water quality report.See your local report...

Hit the Jackpot
Free online archery game
This simple yet elegant Flash game lets you compete (or not) against a worldwide field of archers. Shoot well enough and you could go the World Cup. It's a bulls-eye...

Get Rich Slowly
Most inspiring money blog
Named one of the best and "most inspiring" money blogs by Money magazine, Get Rich Slowly is devoted to something we all need these days: sensible personal finance. Read some daily tips or click the top "About" link to see if it's right for you. Check it out...

5 Ways to Be Happy in a Recession
Tough times...happy days?
Happiness, in general, declines along with a declining economy. But researchers say there are there are simple strategies you can use to boost your happiness right now. So what are you waiting for! Good luck...

What is a doodle?
A doodle is defined as an 'aimless drawing' That is to say you are just drawing without any real goal. You are drawing for fun.
Who runs it now?  I (Critters) am still the only person developing the site but as it grew more popular I needed help with the day-to-day task of checking each doodle. I now have a team of admins that check and award the doodles, answer your questions and (most of the time) set a good example :) The current admins are: Bluey, Conman, eckitis, gothika, Greenscaled, joemama66, meryl, MrsCritters

Hairstyles Gallery
Gwyneth and Reese go Rapunzel-chic...
If the Oscars wetted your appetite for glamorous hair, now you can feed your need for extensions, highlights, and more at this photo archive featuring over 13,000 'dos. Search by color, shape, texture, and more; then save your favorites in your own hair gallery!Will a mullet bring out my eyes?

Destroy any Website
Cyber-vandalism, minus the Feds...
Nothing is destroyed for real, of course. Just a cathartic simulation. Enter the address of a Web site you loathe; then choose from a palette of destructive effects, including "Flamethrower," "Bird Poop," "Land Mines," or our favorite, "Acid." Ahh... Good times.

Bananas in Pajamas
Because bananas need sleep too...
Fans of the children's TV show can follow the antics of mischievous bananas "B1" and "B2" at this site filled with fun games, stories, "goodies," and even a gallery of viewers' artwork. Click on the Guestbook to send a message of your own! Peel out!

Pet IQ Test
Is there a Dog MENSA?
You've been bragging to your friends for years about how smart your dog is... Now you’ll finally have proof! Print this quick canine SAT and show the world what you and Rover already know. High score goes on the refrigerator! Bowl is to eating, as toilet is to...

Moon Gazing
Lunar Eclipse photo gallery
A total lunar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon. And if you didn’t catch a glimpse of the one "phenomenizing" your night sky on March 3rd, fortunately a few other people caught it for you. Gaze upward at this gallery of the Earth casting its shadow over the surface of the Moon. To the moon, Alice!

Speech Accent Archive
Do you speak American?
You can probably separate a Staten Island from a South Carolina. But can you detect the difference between a British Manchester and an Oxford? With this fascinating sound file archive of speech accents from around the world, you can explore unique accents and delve into your own linguistic study. So many ways to say...everything

Food, drink, fun!
Whether you eat to live, live to eat, or just want to find a tasty spot for lunch—this site has whipped together all kinds of recipes, menus, restaurant suggestions, cooking tips, resources, and more for the "Foodie" in all of us. Grab a quick bite right now!

Clumsy Crooks
Outlaw fumbles for your amusement
Love to see the bad guys getting their just desserts? Then feast on this site dedicated to outrageous true stories, photos, mug shots, and more about bungled burglaries, scuffled shoplifting, and more messed-up misdeeds. Witness the imperfect crime

Pig Latin Translator
AKA Igpay Atinlay Anslationtray
At last, an easy Pig Latin Translator tool for all your daily Pig Latin translating needs! You can finally impress the boss on your weekly Progress Report with your multi-language skills. Or learn how to sound très international while ordering pork chops on your next date! Ethay ossibilitiespay areway endlessway. Go English to Pig in a click

Game: Trampoline
Can you bust some moves?
Bounce and spin atop a trampoline. You get points for doing different moves, but lose points if you bounce on your head. Game ends when time runs out or you fall off the trampoline. Just like real life. Boing!

Retro Future
The way things were going to be
Remember when people were expected to someday live underwater? Have flying cars? When the future of movies was smell-o-vision? This site brings back some of our past "glimpses" into the future. What were we thinking? Travel back... to the future!

What's running on your computer?
Not sure what something is that's running on your computer? Just enter any process into the site and get an explanation as to what it does, if it's important, or if it's something dangerous you should shut down right away. Uncover the truth.

View live surgery on the Web!
For the curious—but definitely NOT the squeamish—this site offers free, live webcasts of real surgeries. There are interviews with the surgeons and you can even email questions to the operating room. Or browse the webcast archives. The primary goal is education, but we advise you NOT to view if you are sensitive. Scalpel! Suction! Web cam!

U.S. Mint for Kids
Coins are fun!
This is a cool, government site about coins. And it's all for kids. There are games, cartoons, tons of information, and more! Teach your kids the value of money with this fun site! Keep the change!

Cute Overload
Kittens, puppies, and more!
Admit it, baby animals are cute. Here's a Web site devoted to nothing but pictures of really cute baby animals. And not just kittens and puppies, either. Baby ducks! Baby pandas! Baby hedgehogs! Got a cutie in your own home? Send in a pic! Awwwwwwww!

Discontinued Disneyland Attractions
Country Bear Jamboree. Submarine Voyage. Captain Eo. These and other former Disneyland attractions may have gone the way of Dodo, but they've found new, nostalgic life on the Web. Relive your childhood (or experience your parents' childhood) with images and stories of these long lost rides. This Link's an "E" Ticket!

Virtual Tourist
Ready to travel?
If you're planning a trip, do yourself a favor and check out this robust site first. It's loaded with information on tons of destinations, national and international. Hotels, restaurants, things to do. You name it, it's in here. Not traveling yet? Bookmark the site for later.Bon Voyage!

Eat Chicken
Not for vegetarians.
This is a Web site all about cooking and eating chicken. Chicken recipes. Chicken cooking tips. Chicken statistics. Plus, you can enter your own chicken recipe and win $100,000! Tastes like…? It IS chicken!

Back Door Jobs
Adventure calls...
Get out of that chair and start living! Back Door Jobs offers short-term seasonal adventure jobs, volunteer vacations, summer jobs in the most beautiful places in America and the world, and more! Hike up, dive in, and have some fun! Explore your world!

Regret the Error
When newspapers make mistakes…
This site finds and prints actual newspapers' corrections. Dive in and giggle at the absurdity of items like a Massachusetts newspaper explaining: "Due to a typing error, Gov. Dukakis was incorrectly identified in the third paragraph as Mike Tyson." Yeah, we make that mistake all the time, too. Watch them eat crow!

The Coffee Review
Not your average cuppa joe
Now there's a perfect brew for the coffee enthusiast—Kenneth Davids's guide to all things coffee! Navigate the differences among dark roasts, organics, and fair-trade coffees. Learn about roasting styles, coffee culture, tasting vocabulary, and more in the Coffee Reference section. Find out which rare beans are earthy or mellow, and order them online. Espresso me there now!

Learn the art of origami!
Take a simple piece of paper and create a three-dimensional work of art. From the classic swan to a stag beetle or stegosaurus, this site will teach you how to fold, the history behind origami, and provide you with more designs than you can shake a folded piece of paper at! If you fold it, they will come

Young Investor
Saving for the future
It's never too early to learn how to take care of your money. This site includes areas specifically geared towards kids, teens, parents, and teachers. Each section has ideas on saving money, planning for the future, interactive games and tasks, and more.Money! That's what I want!

CDC Traveler's Health Info
An ounce of prevention…
Planning a trip? Select your destination and see what, if any, traveler's health advisories are in place and what sort of inoculations or preventative measures you should take before you travel. Bookmark the site for future trips! Go there now!


Free, quirky game
Dictator or sitcom character?
Attila the Hun or Fonzie? Imelda Marcos or Frasier? See if you can stump this quick twenty-questions-style game. Finally, a chance for you to put your encyclopedic knowledge of prime-time television and world despots to use! Mussolini or Maude?

The Big Cartoon Database
It's IMDb for cartoons!
This is exactly what the name implies—an exhaustive database of cartoons from film and television. Every character, every show, every short has been cross-referenced and indexed for your pleasure. Plus news from the animation world, today in cartoon history, and more! Do the toon!

Fuel for your muse
This is a great resource for writers of all kinds. Advice about the creative process, how and where to market your work, great sources of reference material, information about upcoming conferences, and links to hundreds of authors' and artists' homepages.Go there now!

Healthy mind, healthy body!
This playful, instructive site from the CDC gets your kids thinking healthier—inside and out. Meet Disease Detectives who specialize in viruses and asthma. Learn Infection Protection in the virtual locker room. Take the Stress-O-Meter and find ways to lighten up when the pressure's tough. Go for it now!

World's oldest health revolution
Dust off your spices and live healthier with terrific recipes from two corners of the globe. These time-tested dishes have been proven to lead to lower rates of heart disease and other health issues. Get recipes, diet plans, and a total approach to fitness featuring food that's both flavorful and filling. Korma, karma, and curry me now!



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